Is praying the rosary a joy for you?

Do you really feel that your prayers are being granted through the rosary?

Does it ever happen to you, that while praying the rosary, various names

of people suddenly come to you?

Did you ever have an interior vision at the time of the rosary?

Did you ever have a strong emotional or physical experience during the rosary?

Do you feel as if you are 'outside time' during the rosary?

The Rosary – prayer of my spirit will answer these and other questions you might have, as well as making you fall in love with this devotion.

Josip Loncar is the head of the Institute for Promotion of Christian values, Kristofori, the director of the Kristofori Foundation, Promotion Officer for ICCRS (International Catholic Charismatic Services),the editor-in-chief of BOOK, a monthly magazine promoting new evangelization, and the editor-in-chief of RHEMA, a magazine for promotion of spiritual renewal.

Josip Loncar has been actively involved in evangelism in Croatia and abroad for about twenty years, by holding seminars and lectures. He is renowned for the fact that he absolutely never preaches without calling on the Holy Spirit to confirm the Word through healing and miraculous signs, and God regularly confirms His Word!

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