God promised us that He would grant us whatever we ask for with faith.

What sort of ‘faith’ are we talking about that ensures a fulfilment of

prayer? What does the Bible have to say about this type of faith? Does

that promise count for todays generation too or was it intended only for

Jesus’ contemporaries and certain chosen priests? What do we have to

do to gain that sort of faith?

The author of this book has experience of this kind of faith which has

lasted many years now, and he has managed to communicate this

experience to many of the faithful. Through prayers of faith, miracles of

conversion, healing and deliverance still happen today.

God can lay-out the richest food in front of us, but if we cannot ‘see’ it

or do not know how to access it, we could end-up hungry. With faith, let

us really obtain what God has already granted !

Josip Loncar is the head of the Institute for Promotion of Christian values, Kristofori, the director of the Kristofori Foundation, Promotion Officer for ICCRS (International Catholic Charismatic Services),the editor-in-chief of Book, a monthly magazine promoting new evangelization, and the editor-in-chief of Rhema, a magazine for promotion of spiritual renewal.

Josip Loncar has been actively involved in evangelism in Croatia and abroad for about twenty years, by holding seminars and lectures. He is renowned for the fact that he absolutely never preaches without calling on the Holy Spirit to confirm the Word through healing and miraculous signs, and God regularly confirms His Word!

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