JESMAR PRESS is pleased to present

this extra-special and beautiful production of

the Divine Mercy Chaplet.It features award-winning international soprano Celine Byrne and tenor Thomas Kennedy, (featured in the Divine Wisdom series on EWTN).

Opening prayers are narrated by Fr. Cathal Price, former National Spiritual Director to the Divine Mercy Devotion in Ireland.

This production of the Divine Mercy Chaplet received its world premiere in Rome at the 1st World Congress of Divine Mercy commissioned by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI.

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how to believe_book power from on high book

Power from on High

Charism of Faith

How to Believe


      The Rosary

-prayer of my spirit

Passionately sung by International award-winning Soprano Celine Byrne

Jesmar Press The Chaplet of Divine Mercy.mp3 Play sample of the  Chaplet….. MEDJUGORJE - The Voice of Peace

Title song used as sound track to the insightful documentary film Why Medjugorje?’

Play sample of the  Title Track …

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medjugorje sample mp3.mp3

This beautifully produced album, dedicated to Our Lady Queen of Peace, is guaranteed to uplift and inspire all who experience it. The title track ‘Medugorje -The voice of Peace’ was used as the sound track for the insightful documentary film on Medugorje, entitled Why Medjugorje, which was produced by Josip loncar, promotions officer of ICCRS (the International Catholics Charismatic Renewal Services).

1. Medjugorje-the voice of peace  (4:10

2. Ave Maria (3:30)      

3. What about peace? (3:27)

4. Treasure in a field (4:58)

5. You needed me (3:25)

6. Down all our years (4:28)

7.   Wings of Love   (4:15)

8.   Mary most Holy (2:54)

9.   I’ll never forget you (4:24)

10. Lord you are my shepherd (4:48)

11. Peace is flowing  (3:43)

12. Hosanna   (3:45)

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